The FerriSSD® is designed optimally for a wide range of embedded applications requiring faster access, small form factor and reliable SATA/PATA storage. By combining industry proven controller technology, NAND flash and passive components into a single BGA package with 1.0mm ball-pitch size, FerriSSD® simplifies design efforts, reduces time-to-market while protecting from NAND technology migration concerns. FerriSSD® also comes with advanced firmware features as well as the provision for customized firmware – enabling highly reliable and differentiable storage solutions.

Block Diagram

Unique Features

General Features
Hardware Quick Erase Instantly delete all data by push of a button
AES & Secured Password Supports AES-256bit full disk encryption with Secured Password Protection
Hardware Data Flush Hardware pin to trigger Data flush to safely store user dataduring sudden power failure
Advanced Features
Full Slumber / Energy Save Mode Automatic power saving mode to reduce power consumption
SLCMode™ Significantly enhance the performance and durability of MLC (and upcoming TLC) NAND flash
SSDLife Guard™ Software / Commands to monitor SSD health status to ensure data integrity
Intelligent Scan + DataRefresh Intelligent self-scan entire SSD to continuously extend data retention capability by DataRefresh®
Advanced Field FW Update Runtime remote firmware update
Build-in Temperature Sensor Monitor the SSD temperature for thermo throttling and SSD protection handling
Intelligent Clean Intelligent background garbage collection to ensure optimal performance

Why FerriSSD®?

  • Easy to use
    • Plug & Play only requires format/fdisk prior to use
    • Small footprint for space-limited design
  • Lower total cost of ownership
    • Rugged & Reliable (no moving parts)
    • Eliminate requalification cost from NAND generation change
    • Cost saving with low density FerriSSD, HDD are typically > 160GB capacity
  • Eliminate down time
    • Supports self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology commands (S.M.A.R.T.)
    • Field programmable firmware available