Ferri-UFS is a highly integrated solution which combines a feature-wise flash controller compliant with the latest UFS2.1 standard and standard NAND flash memory. Its high-performance storage accessing, better power efficiency, and ease of system design make the Ferri-UFS a fabulous solution for automotive, industry, embedded and portable applications.


The Ferri-UFS leverages industry leading technology and experience in NAND management, and supports the UFS2.1 advanced features such as HS-Gear3 x 2-lane mode and command queue. With extended temperature and various capacity support, offering easy and rapid design integration, the Ferri-UFS also ideally fits the requirements of point-of-sale terminals, networking and telecommunications equipment, and a variety of leading-edge industrial applications. With superior performance, multitasking support, and high stability, the Ferri-UFS can seamlessly serve the needs of a wide variety of mobile devices and new booming embedded/portable applications.

Key Features


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