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  • Ships Open Channel SSDs with our enterprise SSD controllers to two of China's top three hyperscalers
  • Begins controller shipments to the world's largest SSD module manufacturer for use in a broad array of value and high performance products
  • Introduces our first SATA enterprise SSD controller
  • Ships industry's first single chip flash controller for USB portable SSDs
  • Controller shipments reach 6 billion units
  • Ships SSD controllers for one of the world’s first 96-layer TLC-based SSD and world's first two QLC-based PCIe NVMe client SSDs
  • Ships our first PCIe NVMe enterprise SSD controller
  • Ships SATA3 SSD controller for the world’s first 64L 3D TLC NAND-based SSD
  • Begin shipping the world's first merchant UFS 2.1 controller for high-end Android smartphones
  • Controller Shipments reach 5 billion units
  • Introduces world's first merchant SD 5.1 controller
  • Introduces world's first turnkey merchant SATA3 SSD controller supporting 3D MLC and TLC NAND
  • Introduces our first turnkey PCIe NVMe client SSD controller
  • Named "Best Financially Managed Company" (<$1 Billion Revenue) by the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)
  • Four of the top 5 PC OEMs using SMI SSD controllers
  • Acquires Shannon Systems, China’s leading enterprise-class PCIe SSD company
  • Ships Shannon Systems enterprise-grade PCIe SSDs to one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies and a leading payment service provider in China
  • Ships FerriSSD to a major German luxury automobile maker’s infotainment system
  • Begins eMMC 5.0 controller mass production and expands market share to an estimated 25%
  • Ships eMMC controllers into devices from all top ten Andriod smartphone OEMs
  • Begins mass production of the world’s first merchant eMMC controller supporting TLC NAND
  • Introduces the world’s first merchant SATA 3 SSD controller supporting TLC NAND
  • Introduces the world’s first automotive grade single-package SSD solutions
  • Begins mass production of the world’s fastest single-channel UHS-II (SD 4.0) controller with throughput of up to 280 MB/sec
  • Grows eMMC market share to an estimated 15-20% and expands design wins to include numerous flagship smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and set-top boxes from tier-1 OEMs
  • Begins mass production of our new, best-in-class SATA 6Gb/s SSD controller targeting PC SSDs, hybrid SSDs and NAND-cache storage solutions
  • Begins shipping eMMC controllers to Samsung and SK Hynix reaching an estimated 5% to10% worldwide market share 
  • Begins first generation USB 3.0 controller mass production 
  • Named "Best Financially Managed Company" (<$500 Million Revenue) by the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)
  • Begins UHS-I (SD 3.0) controller mass production
  • Ships first FerriSSD, a fully integrated single-chip SATA/PATA SSD for industrial and other specialty applications
  • Ships first TLC controllers for memory cards and USB drives
  • Enters mobile phone and GPS markets with eMMC design wins
  • Ships first SSD controller and enters netbook PC and server/enterprise market
  • Ships first xD Picture Card controller
  • Completes Initial Public Offering on NASDAQ
  • Ships first microSD card controller
  • Ships first USB2.0 flash drive controller
  • Controller shipments reach 100 million units
  • Ships first SD and MMC card controllers
  • Silicon Motion combines with Feiya Technology Corporation in Taiwan
  • Controller shipments reach one millionth units
  • Launches CF controller, the 1st in Asia (Feiya)
  • Ships first low power graphics processor IC
  • Silicon Motion is established in San Jose, California